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Man beats another man with a baseball bat

A Southgate man is being accused of beating a man with a baseball bat while he was drunk at a bar. The suspect was drinking at a well-known bar in the city of Southgate. The suspect was eventually cut off for the night for being too drunk. However, he ended up getting into an altercation with another man at the bar. Things escalated quickly and both men ended up outside arguing extremely loudly. The suspect went to the trunk of his car and grabbed a bat. He started swinging the bat at the victim and struck him in the head twice. The victim laid on the floor unconscious while the witnesses tried to calm down the suspect while one of them called the police. Once the police got to the scene, they arrested the guy with the bat and called an ambulance for the man on the floor. Police are charging the suspect with assault with a deadly weapon and the victim is expected to make a full recovery.

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