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Pilots Safe After Helicopter Crash

South Gate residents were in for quite a surprise when a military helicopter had to make an emergency landing the Los Angeles River in South Gate. Witnesses to the crash landing immediately called the police to inform them that there may have been a crash in the riverbed. When the South Gate Police arrived at the scene, they saw the two pilots getting out of the aircraft. The two pilots explained to police that the landing was precautionary because they were about to lose all power and handling of the helicopter. They were able to land safely in the Riverbed and exited the aircraft without harming anybody or anything around the aircraft. This was an amazing landing and everyone involved are lucky that they left without any harm done to themselves. A Helicopter technician was called to the scene so that they could get the helicopter out of the area and back to the military base. The technician was able to fix the aircraft and the military pilots were able to fly the aircraft back to the military base without any further problems.

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