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Man Shot in Drive by In South Gate

Earlier this weekend, a family of three were enjoying their Sunday barbequing with some family, when the unthinkable happened. As they were serving food to everyone at the house a dark van pulled up and opened fire at everyone in the front yard. The only two members of the family that were outside at the time were two young males in their teens. Authorities stated that the two young men were not affiliated with any gangs in the area, but they believe that the color of their clothes may have factored into the shooting that day. Both of the victims were hit by bullets but there were no reported fatalities that day and their family is thankful for that. Police have not disclosed any possible suspect information or a more specific description of the vehicle that was used. The family of the victims were extremely surprised and do not know what could have brought this kind of violence to their home. Blog by Extreme Bail Bonds South Gate.

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