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South Gate Man Arrested after Domestic Dispute

Police were called earlier today to a domestic disturbance call in the city of South Gate and were surprised at what they saw when they arrived at the scene. The officers saw a man holding a woman hostage in the doorway and threatened her life with a kitchen knife. The police got a call from one of the suspect's neighbors informing police that they heard a woman screaming and a man beating her in the next apartment. When the police arrived at the scene, the suspect got even more angry and pulled a knife on his wife and threatened to kill her if the police were to try to get involved or try to enter his apartment. The S.W.A.T. team for the county of Los Angeles was called to the scene and the standoff began. Negotiators tried to get the suspect to calm down and put the knife away for several hours, but the man did not seem to be cooperating, so the police began to plan for the worst case scenario. According to police, they set up a plan to put down the suspect if he would not cooperate and began to get more violent while the negotiater was trying to talk to him. Eventually, the suspect put the knife down and let his wife go. The suspect was then arrested and investigators took over to figure out what happened that led to the standoff. According to police, the couple was fighting about financial troubles because they were being threatened to be evicted if they could not pay their rent that was overdue. The wife of the suspect admitted to their drug problems and stated that it was the cause of their financial troubles. The woman had many scratches and bruises all over her body and it will be used against the suspect in trial. The suspect is being held in the South Gate prison and the police have not released how much his bail is. The suspect will go to trial for the charges later this month.

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