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South Gate, CA.

The city of South Gate is located in the heart of the Los Angeles County in Southern California and is considered the seventeenth largest city in the county. This beautiful city is located just seven miles south of the busy downtown Los Angeles and it is part of the Gateway cities region of southeastern Los Angeles County. According to the 2010 census, the city has a population of about 95,000 people with most of the residents being predominantly white. This city was incorporated to the state of California on January 20, 1923 and it was known as the “Azalea City” when it chose that as its flower in 1965.


South Gate was one of only ten communities in the United States to be given the All-America City Award from the National Civic League in 1990. This beautiful also prides itself in its law enforcement and considers itself to be one of the safest cities in the region. The officers enlisted in the law enforcement make sure that its residents are always safe by constantly patrolling the streets. They also have a strict no drinking and driving policy and enforce this law by setting up random DUI checkpoints throughout the city. Therefore, this city is a great place to raise a family and its close proximity to downtown Los Angeles and the amazing California Beaches make it easy to find something to do every weekend. Article by Sunrise Bail Bonds South Gate.

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