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 South Gate Ca Courthouse

The South Gate police department directly works with the Downey Courthouse for all of their cases and sends the defendants to this courthouse. The Downey courthouse is located at 7500 East Imperial Hwy Downey, CA 90242, which is near the center of the city so that you could access this building from anywhere in the city. At the entrance of the building, there will be about two to three officers waiting to search you and your belongings. This is to keep everyone in the courthouse safe at all times while trials are going on.


The responsibility of the safety of this courthouse falls in the hands of the Downey police department, which is why they have an office inside of the building. If you have any questions regarding your safety in the courthouse, then you could go to one of their offices and consult with them about your worries. Unlike some other courthouses, this one does not have an administrative office, but any officer in the building will be able to tell you where you need to go to handle your legal issue. This courthouse handles both civil and criminal cases from all of the cities that were mentioned earlier.


There is also a clerk’s office where you could go if you need to make any payments to the court or if you would like to know the status of your case. There are a few offices that are dedicated to helping you find a lawyer for your case and if you cannot afford a lawyer for your trial, then you will be given a public defender, whom will help you fight your case. You could also come to this courthouse to handle any small claims case that you may have. The staff in this department are trained to help you fill out all of the paperwork that you will need and will let you know what you have to do to file it.


Also it is important to know that in order to bail someone out at this courthouse; you will need to post the bail before 3 o’clock. This is because the bond clerk cannot accept any bail bonds after this time and the defendant will be transferred back to jail.

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