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 How Bail Bonds Work In South Gate, CA

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After that, the jailer will gather some personal information such as the defendant’s name and date of birth. The inmate will also take a photo, so the jailer could put all of that information into the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s database. Once that is complete, the jailer will then take the inmate to complete the fingerprinting process, which could take several hours.


The jailer cannot legally clear any inmate for bail until he or she has received the results from the fingerprint scan. The purpose of the fingerprint scan is so that the jailer could determine if the inmate has any outstanding warrants or is wanted by any other agency. When you contact one of our agents, he or she will contact the jailer to gather all of the bail information regarding the defendant.


Once the agent verifies that the defendant is cleared for bail, he or she will then contact you with a place and time for you two to meet so that you could fill out some necessary paperwork. When all of the paperwork is complete, our agent will turn in the paperwork to the jailer. The jailer will then verify that all of the information is included in the paperwork so that he or she could complete the bail bond process. After the jailer verifies the paperwork, the jailer will then release the inmate to your custody so that he or she could await their trial in the safety of their own home. Article by Extreme Bail Bonds South Gate.

bail bonds south gate ca
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